-What's Cork Flooring? -

A 2020 poll performed by the American Institute of Architects Home Design discovered that bamboo floors is getting more popular with homeowners, designers, as well as some company owners.

Cork Flooring History

Cork is a sort of timber which most men and women connect with wine and pinup planks.

Cork comes from the bark of this quercus suber shrub; it's harvested by hand each nine decades. Over three dozen shades of cork can be found, and you'll be able to find bamboo floors in squares, hexagons, and essentially any other shape below sunlight.

Eco-Friendly Cork Flooring

Among cork's greatest benefits is the "eco-friendly" cache. The manufacturing procedure permits the cork pine trees to endure after the bark was harvested. And because most cork flooring are in fact created from recycled bamboo, when you obtain a cork flooring, you're in reality preserving material rather than allowing older cork to rust from a landfill.

Cork Flooring is Airy and Aesthetically Nice

The airy structure of the cork bark also appeals. Since the president of WE Cork, Ann Wicander, notes,"cork... has 200 million closed air cells per cubic inch" The outcome? Tremendous cushioning. It's fantastic for toddlers and many others that are at-risk of falling, also. Cork flooring also resists noise, insulates, and provides some resistance to fire.


Cork flooring can fade if exposed to too much light, twist depending on humidity requirements, and tear and rip based on traffic requirements and the degree of maintenance.

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